Big Bobby had been working with and entertaining kids with his unique style for a l-o-n-g time. Joined by his invisible assistant Rhodneey, the duo performed all over the country and released their latest show at the MMF. He had learned his first magic trick in Grade 6 and had been practising ever since. You laughed, you gasped, and you went Boomchuggalugga! When he wasn’t performing magic, Big Bobby was a mental health speaker, helping people of all ages learn how to deal with anxiety, sadness, and low mood days.

“TRICK YOUR BRAIN” was the new show for Big Bobby & Rhodneey. In it, you saw some incredible tricks and learned some cool facts about how your brain works! So you came and were entertained in the school holidays and picked up a few brain hacks to help you as well. Their 2023 show, “TRICK YOUR BRAIN,” had sold out, so you made sure to book early so you didn’t miss out in 2024! Special guests Picco the Clown and the Gamemaster will be there too!