Big Bobby and his invisible assistant Rhodneey (silent H and 2 E’s) entertain and teach kids how to use their brains better. The magical mental health duo performs all over Australia with feats of wonder. You will laugh you will gasp and you will go Boomchuggalugga!


This is the dynamic dupos third show for the Melbourne Magic Festival. This is a Magic Show with a cool mental health message. This show wont only entertain your kids it will help them with 3 brainwaves! Big Bobby & his invisible assistant Rhodneey are all set to do their biggest show ever full of tricks, laughs, and 3 brain waves. Rhodneey is up to something sneaky and Big Bobby doesn’t know what it is. There will be a new invention, an ape called Bongo Drongo, and cows! No scratch the cows, nice try Rhodneey. There will be no cows. The sell-out sensation of 2022 and 2023 is set to return with more fun, magic, and cows than ever before! There will definitely be no cows! Of that you can be sure. Every child receives a free Big Bobby magic trick and tutorial (limited to the first 1500 bookings) and has the opportunity to meet the stars of the show, (the cows) remove in the final edit please, after the performance.

Special guests Picco the Clown, KT & the Gamemaster. Please note the venue is a rubber duck-free zone. No ducks allowed, and we mean none! Any ducks smuggled into the Funatorium will be confiscated, melted down, and upcycled into yellow crocs.

Venue Please note: The official listing for the site is 5A Jamieson St, St Albans VIC 3021. However, the gym is at the back of the site. Enter via the car park gate on MOFFAT St. (there is no street number for the gym, but you will find it easy enough; we will have a banner up on the fence. Look for a school gym with cartoon characters on the wall and the Big Bobby signage.

EVENT: FRI 5 JULY  / 11:00-11:50 AM
PRICE: $10