T is THINK POSITIVE around 80 percent of our daily thoughts are negative, but what if you could change that stat? We spend most of our precious thoughts thinking about moments in the past or fears in the future. Choosing to intentionally flip our brain’s natural bias to drift to what is wrong enables us to see what is right. This can change your brain’s architecture, which can slow down knee-jerk reactions and produce more happiness.


E reminds us of EXERCISE and the connections of sleep, rest and nutrition. How you care for your body impacts your thinking and behaviour. The body-mind connection is real and impacts your health and moods. TEMP-Oh! can give you the inspiration to move, eat well and look forward to sleep time.


M is for MINDFULNESS. On average, people live only 47% of their life engaged and aware. Mindfulness is a very simple exercise that involves being present and deliberately noticing what is happening in the present. It has numerous benefits like lowering stress levels, improved focus and creativity, better self-regulation skills, improved reactions, and behaviours and cultivates qualities like kindness, thoughtfulness, compassion and more. Quite a lot of benefits for taking a just few minutes out to focus.


P stands for PROBLEM SOLVER. Life presents problems regularly at home, school, and with friends. It could be homework, a relationship issue, or helping others out. Having the skill and emotional literacy tools to deal with those situations empowers our children and ourselves to see problems from different viewpoints and to process these times calmly and rationally, once again improving happiness levels. We can also assist in solving problems.


OH! is understanding these four simple, but powerful focuses that fuse together to leave you thinking OH, I get it and I am doing it!
It is when the program becomes part of your life and you are intentionally and automatically living it out.