T is Think Positive around 80 percent of our daily thoughts are negative, but what if you could change that stat? We spend most of our precious thoughts thinking about moments in the past or fears in the future. Choosing to intentionally flip our brain’s natural bias to drift to what is wrong enables us to see what is right. This can change your brain’s architecture, which can slow down knee-jerk reactions and produce more happiness.

TEMPOH! can inspire you to prioritize movement, nourishment, and rest. Through engaging sessions and resources, TEMPOH! encourages you to embrace an active lifestyle, make nutritious food choices, and eagerly anticipate restorative sleep. By nurturing your body with exercise, balanced nutrition, and adequate rest, you not only boost your physical health but also enhance your cognitive function, emotional resilience, and overall quality of life. TEMPOH! empowers you to harness the power of the body-mind connection, leading you towards a life of vitality, positivity, and well-being.


The letter E in TEMP-Oh! stands for Exercise, an essential pillar of well-being. But it’s not just about physical activity—it’s about recognizing the intricate connections between exercise, sleep, rest, and nutrition.Your body is a finely tuned machine, and how you care for it profoundly influences your thoughts and behaviors. The body-mind connection is undeniable, with your physical health directly impacting your mental well-being and moods.


The letter M in TEMPOH! highlights the importance of Mindfulness—an invaluable practice in today’s fast-paced world. Did you know that, on average, people spend only 47% of their lives fully engaged and aware? Mindfulness is a simple yet powerful exercise that invites us to be fully present in the moment, consciously observing and acknowledging our surroundings and internal experiences. Despite its simplicity, mindfulness offers many benefits.

Engaging in mindfulness practices regularly can significantly reduce stress levels, sharpen focus and creativity, enhance self-regulation skills, and improve our reactions and behaviors. Furthermore, mindfulness cultivates a host of positive qualities such as kindness, thoughtfulness, and compassion. Taking just a few minutes out of your day to practice mindfulness can yield remarkable results. By dedicating yourself to the present moment, you unlock a treasure trove of benefits that contribute to your overall well-being and happiness. So, why not embrace mindfulness as a guiding principle in your journey towards a more fulfilled and balanced life?


P stands for Problem Solver —a skill that proves invaluable in navigating life’s myriad of challenges. Whether at home, school, or in social settings, problems inevitably arise, ranging from academic tasks to interpersonal conflicts or aiding others in need. Equipping ourselves and our children with the necessary emotional literacy tools empowers us to tackle these situations with confidence and resilience. By honing our problem-solving abilities, we learn to approach challenges from various perspectives and navigate them calmly and rationally. This not only enhances our happiness levels but also fosters personal growth and development.

Moreover, being adept problem solvers allows us to lend a helping hand to others in resolving their own dilemmas. By fostering a culture of collaboration and support, we create a community where everyone feels empowered to overcome obstacles together.

The problem solver mindset sees problems as opportunities for growth, and this builds resilience.


OH represents the moment you understand the simplicity and power of these principles and begin integrating them into your life. Thinking Positive, Exercise, Mindfulness, and Problem Solving become second nature, shaping your lifestyle. You live out the program intentionally and effortlessly.