Statistics indicate that mental health issues affect a significant portion of the population, with one in four primary school children and one in five adults experiencing such challenges.” A recent study conducted by the University of Adelaide sheds light on the mental well-being of Australia’s youth, revealing significant struggles among young people nationwide in terms of resilience and mental health. The findings, featured in the 2023 State of the Nation Report, draw upon data gathered from the annual Resilient Youth Australia Resilience Survey. This comprehensive survey encompassed approximately 140,000 students in Grades 3-12 from across all states and territories.

According to the responses collected, a concerning trend emerged: 27.4 percent of primary school students and 35.9 percent of secondary school students reported experiencing high levels of anxiety, depression, or a combination of both. Of particular concern is the lack of improvement in youth well-being revealed by the 2023 report, especially when compared to data collected during the challenging pandemic years. This indicates that despite efforts to address mental health concerns, the struggles faced by young people persist and may even be worsening over time.

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“One of the first things I’d do is to introduce “happiness lessons” into schools. My dream is that one day life skills such as optimistic thinking and effective interpersonal skills will be considered being just as important as, if not more important than, maths, science and history.

Dr Tim Sharp”