One in four primary children is affected by mental health issues, for adults it is one in five. Mental health support services saw calls from children and young people in Victoria jump by a third as the state’s August 2021 hard lockdown and extended restrictions on school attendance took a toll. This situation is similar in other states. There was a 28 per cent spike in calls to the phone counselling service Kids Helpline between March and July 2021 compared with the same period the year before and a 19 per cent jump from July to August compared with the previous month. Our children are hurting in the global pandemic, but we can give them tools to stand strong on the inside and come out of this in a better state.

Brain magic can come to your school and run a classroom session or assembly. Sessions are provided in a fun way to help kids see mental health and wellbeing is important and cool. Colourful animations, age relevant teaching and magic tricks will launch your children into a world of reflection, kindness and self-care.

Jack is the author of ‘Look up at the Stars’ and ‘Rare as Hens Teeth’, these positive books integrate the TEMP-Oh! message to help children’s thinking. He has also written the TEMP-Oh! Resources for adults and kids.
Jack can come to your school to run an assembly or visit classrooms. Drawing on the 4 powerful lessons on Thinking positive, Exercise, Mindfulness and Problem solving. Your students can gain a lift in their happiness, thinking, and outcomes.

“One of the first things I’d do is to introduce “happiness lessons” into schools. My dream is that one day life skills such as optimistic thinking and effective interpersonal skills will be considered being just as important as, if not more important than, maths, science and history.

Dr Tim Sharp”