That’s code for adults 🙂 Hey if you are a parent, teacher or anyone really, who wants to develop some habits to live a better life, then you are in the right place. We have been helping people with that for a long time now. The TEMPOH! system uses science-based theories to incorporate into your life, to think better, and as a result, react better. Better reactions means less mess and stress, giving you a calmer mind and that produces more happiness.

Start with the PLAYBOOK for taller people journal to build your new habit. Research shows it takes 65 days to form a habit. We have provided the structure and prompts to get you past the difficult stage and launch you into a smooth rhythm where TEMPOH! becomes automatic in your life.
One day you zero in on thinking positive and optimistic, the next you are being reminded of the importance of exercise, in a gentle way and the scientific connection between your mind and body. You will also be focusing on mindfulness and solving problems because we bump into problems regularly.

Other times, multiple points are fused together to strengthen your learning. As you begin to install these patterns into your brain, new neural pathways will develop that can literally alter the shape of your brain.

There are dot grid journal pages to brain dump or pour your heart out and loads of powerful exercises to embed the TEMPOH! system into your day-to-day life. This is more than a journal. This can improve your life in your everyday behaviours of thinking and reacting to the stuff that happens constantly, that we are unaware of. From there you can move to the 6 month journals to keep and build your pattern. You can also deck out in some Brain Magic gear to help you remember your new focus. Think good, feel good, and look good.