We noticed the rise in anxiety and mental health issues, through media reports, parent feedback and student anecotes. So we set about researching and consulting professionals on what people needed to have better mental fitness. The research became the TEMPOH! Program.

The mental health stigma is fading and a new picture is coming into focus. An image of being aware of our own mental health and prioritizing our thinking to cope better. COVID-19 has amplified challenges for families. With the resources and tools that the team has developed, we can come out of this better and stronger.

What Is It?

TEMPOH! is a new well-being mental fitness program that targets mind and body to equip people with the tools and information to live better. As you learn about the neuroscience of connecting body and mind, you can lift your behaviour and happiness. Using evidence-based content, the message is delivered in a fun, inspiring and practical style.

This is training that connects. For adults, it is the inspirational information and tools. For children, the content is taught using a variety of methods including magic tricks, cartooning, music, cooking, games, art ā€˜nā€™ craft, flip-boards and PowerPoint. The aim is to give children and adults practical tools they can implement on the spot, to live calmer lives and we have never needed that more than now. Your tomorrow brain starts today.